Harrowing Exorcism Footage Appears Online!

HARROWING EXORCISM Watch the moment a chilling grin appears on face of ‘possessed’ girl during exorcist when priest tells her she is dead.

Disturbing footage shows woman fly into a rage and speak in tongues during the ritual.

DISTURBING footage appearing to depict a woman being subjected to an exorcism has appeared online.

The clip sees a woman dressed in white, thought to be a member of the clergy, talk to a girl with her back to the camera.

The pair exchange words in Spanish, at which point the girl says she is “not the same”, prompting the woman to ask her why.

When she neglects to answer, the woman in white adds: “It’s because you’re dead.”

She continues, asking the girl: “And the baby?”

The girl replies, saying she does not know she is pregnant, and the pair can be seen continuing the conversation.

The girl then says, “he hears, he hears me, he hears me,” to which the woman in white replies, “he hears you, look at who you are.”

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1306036/chilling-grin-appears-on-face-of-possessed-girl-as-she-is-restrained-in-bid-to-expel-spirit/


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