A Ghost In His Dorm Room!

A US college student claims his campus dorm room is haunted after filming a series of paranormal events centered around his closet.

The man posted two videos to YouTube of his closet door seemingly opening and closing on its own.

Loud knocking sounds can also be heard coming from inside the small wooden wardrobe.

The student, known as Paddy, said when the sounds first started that he assumed it was coming from the hallway.

“I assumed it was neighbours f***ing with us,” he wrote on a blog after posting the video last month.

When he realised the strange events were coming from inside the room, he decided to set up a camera to record the bizarre movements and discovered that the door would shake and swing open as if an invisible force were pulling it.

Paddy said the dorm, number 169, is haunted after another student committed suicide in the room last year.

Video shows the door vibrating violently before opening slightly and closing again.

Another angle shows the closet door opening widely on its own.

A brave Paddy approaches the closet, closes the door and points a finger at it saying, “stay!”.

“At this point I’m so used to it that I don’t care that much anymore,” he wrote on the blog.

The video has captured the attention on many skeptics, who claim the video is a fake.

“It’s f***king airflow get over it,” one man said.

In one scene, Paddy opens the closet doors and films the interior to prove nobody is hiding on the inside. But some viewers claim he had an accomplice who made a quick getaway.

“Why point the camera back to you? If fake, could give someone time to get out closet and stay out of frame,” another said.

Some Reddit users who believed the ghost to be authentic offered their own ideas to get rid of it for good.

“Friend, here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to get some holy water. This thing needs to know you’re not trapped with it, it’s trapped with you. Next time that door opens, douse your fists in holy water and beat the f**k out of it,” one man suggested.

“Remove the door, what’s the ghost gonna do then?” another said.

Source: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/31317013/college-student-films-ghost-inside-his-dorm-room/

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