Fairies Claimed In Wales!

THIS photograph shows fairies flying around in the British countryside, Goldie Lookin Chain rapper John Rutledge has claimed.

Are these fairies?

John, from the Welsh comedy rap group, says he took a picture of the summer morning while walking through a field near Newbridge, Wales.

He said he had no idea that anything paranormal was captured on film at the time.

But, when he reviewed the pictures he saw what looked like seven tiny winged creatures flying among the flowers and grass.

John, 39, zoomed in and saw the translucent figures, which are around 4cm tall and appeared to have wings, arms and legs.

The musician from Newport, south Wales, said: “It’s amazing.

“When we checked the image we couldn’t believe our eyes.

“Ever since childhood I’ve wanted to witness a paranormal event.

“The last thing I expected was a winged entity in a wood in South Wales, but there it is, smack bang in your face – it’s solid evidence.”

He added: “There are some things in the universe that may well go without answers, but I think we’ve just put one of the world’s biggest mysteries to bed.

‘There are definitely fairies at the bottom of the garden.”

John was scouting locations for his new podcast series Unexplainers – investigating common myths and mysteries – when he took the photo last month.

It has been suggested if the picture is real that the “faries” could be flying insects or flower heads back lit by the sun, creating the mystical effect.

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/680798/Could-fairies-exist-Rapper-s-snap-shows-bizarre-tiny-winged-beings-in-Welsh-countryside

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