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Dimensional Jumping for Dummies: Revamped! : DimensionalJumping

Hello guys and gals! I know this is different from the usual stories here but I thought I’d share with you this little handy guide. First, let me explain.

When I was about 16, I was friends with four other dudes. Since some of them have reddit accounts, we’ll Ron, Harry, Neville, and Dean.

Now while hanging out one day, Dean told the story his father always told him. According to his father, he “accidentally” traveled to another dimension when he was in trouble. Dean’s father was being abused by his father and during a really bad scene, ran and hid in his room. He locked himself in the closet. In his closet was a door mirror. Dean’s father, in a bout of fear only a six year old can feel when an abuser is coming closer to you, leaned against the mirror and in a desperate moment, begged and pleaded to be let in to the “other side” (the reflection).

According to his father, right when he was about to be found, Dean’s father fell through into the other side. Startled, he watched in amazement as his “reflection” was grabbed and taken away by Dean’s father.

After this event, Dean’s father described his dad as the most respectable man he ever knew. He never laid a hand on him again. It was like a different person.

Hearing this story from Dean made us want to try it ourselves. So, for a little over a year, we developed a technique to help “cross over” to other dimensions. So here’s our guide!

I would like to start off by saying, this was developed by five teenage dudes so be careful. You’re not going to do this and end up in a dimension where Hitler never died but it’s still very dangerous. “Shifting” to other dimensions causes small changes, but those small changes can have big impacts. For example, you might end up in a universe where your wife loves you just slightly less, which can result in her cheating on your ass. So do this at your own risk. These are small jumps. Sometimes you can see the change right away while other times it’s very small. The more you shift, the more changes occur.

Finally, none of us could ever find out how to get back to our original dimensions! It’s permanent. Once you shift you can not shift back! Use at your own risk!!!

Anyway, here are the steps…

  • 1.) First things first, you’re going to need a mirror. The bigger the mirror the better. If you could theoretically walk through the mirror all the better. Small mirrors will still work but for whatever reason, the bigger the better.
  • 2.) Best times to do this are at night. Most success happens at around 12-3, although you can still do it in the day time. Just harder.
  • 3.) Turn off all the lights, get rid of as much noise as possible, and sit facing the mirror. Have a candle between the mirror and you. Candle might or might not needed, but we started having a lot more success once the candle was involved. Everything else around you should be dark.
  • 4.) Relax, clear your mind. BE POSITIVE HERE. If you’re scared or think something is going to jump out at you, just stop and try again when you can relax. Remember, that you in the reflection represents another you. You can trust YOU. It’s not another entity, it’s not some demon, it’s just YOU. Remember that above all else!
  • 5.)Concentrate on your reflection. There is nothing else but you and the YOU in the mirror. A YOU from a different place a lot similar to your own. Call out to that YOU, whether it is out loud or in your head. Concentrate on switching places with that YOU. It often helps if you can imagine poring as much emotion and energy as possible when imagining you’re switching into that other dimension.
  • 6.) It takes awhile, and some get it faster than others, but if you “shifted” from your current universe, you should feel something. Some of the signs for small shifts have been a brief feeling of movement, a moment of disorientation, or even your reflection blinking at you when you didn’t blink. Bigger shifts include your reflection moving on it’s own or even the feeling of you literally moving into the side. The bigger the shift, the more you feel.
  • 7.) If you feel any signs, STOP! Take a few days to note any changes. The signs can be small, like a scar on someone that has mysteriously disappeared or something being a different color. The more you shift, the bigger the differences you see. Other signs you may notice when the switch occurs; a feeling of euphoria, slight shivers for a few seconds, movement, reflection moving without you moving, feeling of falling, bursting of light across your vision, slight static shock.
  • 8.) Optional, but it works better if you have a “destination” in mind. For example, you can focus on you switching places with the YOU that has more money, or slightly better off in general. Harry did this and he had the most positive results.

Common questions

  • Can I travel with someone else?

We never tried it. Trying it with each other usually didn’t work all too well so we did it by ourselves. It is something you’ll have to decide if you want to try or not.

  • I”m not seeing any differences. What gives?

It can take a while. From hearing other people experiences, the more emotion you put into the push, the better results. I’ve been noticing people who just want to “see how it goes” have a harder time at first, than someone who has a very passionate reason to jump, like a sick family member or trying to fix something.

  • Bigger jumps or smaller jumps

It’s really better to take a bunch of mini jumps than a bigger jump. If you jump the first time thinking you’re going to go into a dimension to fight robotic Hitler, think again.

Let’s say you’re goal is money. It’s better to jump for small changes, like a promotion at work, than a raise, than a higher promotion, etc. instead of just winning fifty million from the lotto.

  • My grades suck. Can I change my F to an A?

It is going to be a lot easier to change something before it happens. For example, if you did horrible at a test, better to jump before you see the grade. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still possible but it’s easier this way.

  • WTF? I jumped and now my dog is a cat? What’s the deal?

Here’s the most dangerous part about jumping; small changes can result in bigger changes. If you change your shirt yellow, you might end up changing how that hot down the street feels about you. This is why I advise caution.

  • If me and a friend start jumping together, how do I know if either of us are actually jumping

Tricky part here, but you’re going to have to pay attention to the personality and what they say changed. To you, everything would be the same but to them, it’s different. My friends and I all changed: Neville went from quiet to talkative/popular, Harry turned a lot more mellow, Ron became a health freak when originally he was a slob, Dean went from loner to family man, I went from talkative to quiet. You won’t notice this the first time but it will start to accumulate.

  • So… pot?

I get asked this a lot. Here’s the deal. The reason why I don’t use Harry to much for examples is because Harry was the biggest pothead towards the middle of doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate pot but he was the only one doing it at the time. Ironically, he could do it the easiest but the pot messed with the results so we usually don’t include him when we were taking notes. Weed may or may not help but I don’t endorse it either.

  • Is this real?

Yep true. BUT, keep in mind we were 16 at the time. Our personality shifting can be explained just for the simple fact that we were growing up at the time. Harry was a pothead, so I usually don’t count too much what he said. Neville might have just wanted to be cool, instead of hanging out with us nerds and Dean and I were heavily into sci-fi and occult stuff anyway. Ron was the most believable to me, if only because he knew a lot of details about his cancer treatments that were almost on par with a family member a few years later. So take the story as you will.

Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionalJumping/comments/2ax00o/dimensional_jumping_for_dummies_revamped/


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