Did Actress Jessica Alba Photograph A Ghost?

I have no idea what that is ­čś▒freaky

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Many celebrities, especially those with a young fan base, keep themselves in the public eye by posting selfies to various social media outlets. Actress Jessica Alba recently posted a picture of herself to Instagram and fans quickly pointed out that she wasn’t the only figure in the photograph.

In the background appears the semi-transparent figure of a standing man or woman. The figure looks to be wearing a white suit, and it either has very dark eyes or is wearing sunglasses.

The eerie-looking figure is either standing in front of a large mirror on the wall or is reflected in it. Because of the mirror, my first impression was that it was simply reflecting a living person or perhaps a poster in the room. Alba doesn’t seem to recognize the image as anything familiar, however, and seems genuinely puzzled by it. “I have no idea what that is,” she captioned the picture. “Freaky.”

Alba’s fans were quick to react to the picture, which received thousands of comments. While some declared it a genuine ghost, others believed it to be the actress’s guardian angel. Still others were just creeped out by the mysterious phantom.

A good number of Alba’s Instagram followers wondered if it was perhaps the ghost of singer David Bowie, who passed away just a few days earlier on January 10, 2016. Bowie sometimes appeared in a white suit.

Whether it is a real ghost or not, it isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last unexplained figure to appear as a result of the selfie phenomenon.

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