Curse Of The Swamp Creature – Public Domain Horror!

1966, Director: Larry Buchanan: One of Larry Buchanan’s notorious “Azalea” pictures — made-for-TV color remakes of American International Pictures black and white drive-in creature features, made for a fraction of the originals’ budgets. Curse of the Swamp Creature is a rehash of 1957’s Voodoo Woman.

A mad scientist works in the middle of the swamp to create a monster that will serve his bidding. The actor playing the scientist is a ham of the highest order, and everyone else (including especially our hero, John Agar) is a block of wood.

Buchanan’s signature editing style is in evidence here — shots cut together that no rational mind can possibly connect to each other in either space or time, presented as “different angles” of the same scene. While it is indisputably bad, it is far from his wackiest editing adventure.

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