They Claim To Raise The Dead With Prayer!

They are rather odd beings believing beyond belief, they are known as the Dead Raising Team (DRT). These evangelical Christians praise that they can raise people from the dead with their prayers. Their leader Tyler Johnson claims to have brought back to life 13 people. A 2013 documentary titled “Deadraiser” demonstrates different miracle type stories. The DRT crew prays for the deceased to rise once again miraculously.

Allegedly, these people came back from death and witnessed grotesque demonic forces which were torturing them. They were later saved and brought back to the land of the living—away from the torment which they supposedly suffered. Take for example the astonishing story of a former drug user named Mark DeDio—who died back in 2006 from a drug overdose, he later was returned to life. What he said was rather remarkable as he mentioned the next thing he knew were foul smells of vomit and sulfur among a darkness.

One of the team members named TJ Aderholdt happened to be nearby the ambulance where Mark’s dead body was. Although Mark had no pulse, TJ began his ritual (speaking in tongues) after he glanced at Mark’s corpse. Similar to a biblical miracle, Mark’s eyes popped open, he stood up and started telling everybody how he went to hell and was pulled back. “It was like a grab on my collar,” he recalled. “Jesus pulled me out.”

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