Chris Fleming’s ”Spirit Talk”

Chris Fleming is a medium, sensitive, and paranormal investigator who is best known from TV’s Psychic Kids and Dead Famous. You may also recognize him from his guest appearances on such paranormal shows as Syfys Ghost Hunters, Travel Channels Ghost Adventures Live and Paranormal Challenge, and Animal Planets The Haunted. He has been interviewed on over 800 radio shows including Coast to Coast, Mancow and Darkness Radio.
For over 40 years he has been experiencing paranormal and psychic phenomena and continues to investigate, research, lecture, train and consult on Instrumental Trans Communication and the arts of mediumship. He was the first to introduce the “direct response method” using an EMF detector such as the KII meter on national TV and the worlds most popular ITC device the Spirit Box P-SB7 on Ghost Adventures Live. Both of which have become the most popular and used devices for ghost hunting in the world. Chris believes that any form of spirit communication needs to begin from within. That is where we will learn to connect first. Our belief system and the realization that our true self is an eternal spirit and soul first and last will help us achieve that.

His mottos, “Believing is one thing, knowing is another” and “Our souls are talking, It’s time we started listening!” capture that perspective.

“Our souls are talking. It’s time we start listening!””

Listen to the series here:

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