More Celebrity Ghost Encounters!

1. Katy Perry

Katy was once on the set of a perfume commercial, and reportedly saw a ghost when she looked in the mirror! Katy was getting ready in the master suite in a home in Beverly Hills, and while looking in the bathroom mirror, saw a man with a mustache peering back at her. Katy allegedly raced from the room screaming, and though her friends tried to calm her down, she didn’t want to stay in the house anymore.

2. Demi Lovato

Demi apparently grew up in a haunted house! When she was a small child, Demi says she had an imaginary friend named Emily who was actually a benevolent ghost. When she was older, she was so convinced that the place was haunted, that she had a medium and ghost hunters come investigate.

3. Ryan Gosling

Double that for Ryan! His haunted house situation was so intense, that his family moved away! He was the first to see a scary figure who just sat around. Then, over the years, his mother saw him, and then his cousin and his uncle. Nope, not sharing the house with a ghost!

4. Miley Cyrus

Miley ditched the London apartment where she was staying during her 2009 European tour because the bathroom was haunted. First, her sister was burned in the shower after the water mysteriously became scorching hot. Then, Miley said the ghost of a little boy was sitting on the sink!

5. Adele

Adele was so scared of strange noises during the night at her mansion in Sussex, England when she first bought it in 2012, that she never slept! She learned that the place used to be a convent, which adds a whole different level of creepy to the mix, according to the UK Sun. Was the house just creaking, or was she hearing disgruntled spirits go bump in the night?

6. Adam Levine

The guys from Maroon 5 recorded their song “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long” in Harry Houdini‘s last home, in Los Angeles. The home is apparently known to be haunted, and some of the guys saw a benevolent spirit standing on the stairs. Harry?

7. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew says that his Los Angeles home is haunted by a ghostly woman named Madame Blue. But they’re totally cool sharing the space with each other. He discovered this when he went ghost hunting naked!

8. Lady Gaga

Gaga has said that she has a male ghost named Ryan who travels the world with her. She’s scared of the spirit, but mostly annoyed that he won’t leave her the hell alone!

9. Kesha

Kesha ain’t afraid of no ghosts. In fact, she’s claimed to have sex with one, which inspired her song “Supernatural”. As she told Ryan Seacrest at the time: “I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

10. Rihanna

Rihanna once told Rolling Stone that she stays the hell away from Los Angeles’ famed Chateau Marmont, because she thinks it’s totally haunted. “You can feel it, man,” she said. “It’s borrowed space.”

11. Emma Stone

Emma’s story, which she shared with David Letterman in 2014, is so sweet. She believes that she’s visited by the ghost of her grandfather, who gifts her with quarters. If that isn’t the most grandfatherly thing ever!

12. Ariana Grande

Ariana is obsessed with ghosts and spirits. She’s gone ghost hunting for fun, and by far the craziest experience she had was experiencing the presence of a demon at Stull Cemetery! Stull is called one of the “Gates to Hell,” and while she was there, Ariana said she smelled sulfer and saw flies. Demons!


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