Can UFOs Be Summoned?

A PARANORMAL enthusiast believes he has caught on camera the moment he summoned a UFO fleet into the sky above his house.

Derek Coffman – who uploaded the footage to YouTube – said he was meditating outside his house when the first flashing light appeared.

In the strange footage Derek can be heard calling out “show me some more, please”.

Shockingly another light appears to materialise and fly across the sky.

During the five minute clip at least six alleged UFOs can be seen.

Derek – who claims to have had a number of paranormal experiences – added: “While I meditate they always show up.

“We watched six or seven of them now and there is a bigger one coming.

“A lot of people would say I’m nuts – but they haven’t lived my life.”

The video – which was filmed in Lansing, Michigan, in the US – has baffled viewers.


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