Is This Cambodian Actress Possessed By A Ghost?

A perplexing piece of footage from Cambodia purportedly shows chaos erupting on the set of a horror film when an actress becomes possessed by a spirit.

In the odd video, crew members from the film ‘Room Spirit Room’ can be seen crowding around a doorway and looking in on an eerie-looking individual sitting on the floor.

This person is one of the actresses from the film who just so happens to be playing a ghost in the movie, which is why she is clad in the unusual costume.

According to the person who posted the footage online, the disquieting scene allegedly came after she attacked her co-star in the film and tried to strangle her with a wire.

The unsettling outburst was, in turn, attributed to some kind of ghostly possessed as she retreated to an empty room in, ostensibly, an attempt to rid herself of the spirit.

While all of this sounds like simply a fantastic tale and attempts to gain more insight into the incident via local media reports has proven futile, there’s something about the unspectacular nature of the video which makes it, ironically, slightly more believable.

That sentiment seems to be shared by people on Cambodian social media as the footage has amassed an absolutely jaw-dropping 17 million viewers in just a couple of weeks.

That may strengthen the case to some that the video is just a clever publicity stunt for the movie, but, should that be what happened here, it begs the question of whether the actual film can come anywhere close to being as popular as the viral video has been.


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