Buddy Holly & The Haunted Lubbock City Cemetery!

Buddy Holly and the haunted Lubbock City Cemetery

Hell’s Gates sits just outside the rear entrance to Lubbock Cemetery and it is filled with Urban Legends. Mackenzie Park and Lubbock Cemetery are rumored to be haunted by ghosts while others say the Indians put a curse on the land back in 1877 by doing a human sacrifice. Many believe the double scalped ghost of Marshall Sewell haunts the spot where he died, or is buried there in an unmarked grave.

The land for the old Lubbock Cemetery is said to been purchased from rancher H M Bandy who was anxious to get rid of about five acres of pasture land bordering on Hell’s Gate. Some people say that Bandy knew there were some strange phenomena going on in that area and he wanted to distance himself away from things he could not understand.

Paranormal investigators in the Lubbock vicinity label Lubbock Cemetery as “very haunted.” It is the last resting place to several shadow people, orbs, and an apparition of a glowing man—described as a human torch-type figure who wanders the graveyard.

Henry Jenkins was a 32 year old cowboy who died in the Nicolette Hotel located at Broadway and Avenue H. He was stricken with pneumonia in March 1892. Jenkins became the first person to be buried in the City of Lubbock Cemetery. There are tales of the Jenkins ghost trying to find his way back home. His spirit was often sighted at the spot where the Nicolette Hotel stood before the highway was built. He is also seen near his tombstone in the old section of the cemetery.

It is also the resting place of legendary rocker, Buddy Holly. Once you enter the cemetery gates, turn right. Buddy Holly’s grave is on the left after a short distance. There are signs to point you in the right direction. Guitar picks, pennies, and decorations are scattered around the rock legends headstone. Be sure to leave a guitar pick as a tribute.

On February 3, 1959 three rock and roll legends, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper, died when the small aircraft carrying them to their destination crashed in a field about eight miles from Clear Lake, Iowa. But, for those who remember and faithfully take time to honor the singer in their own way, his spirit, legacy and music will live on forever.

You can learn more about the haunting tale of Buddy Holly at the Buddy Holly Center in downtown Lubbock located at 1801 Crickets Avenue (formerly Avenue G) Lubbock, TX 79401. It is in the renovated historic Ft. Worth & Denver Depot.

Oh, and beware of the Umlauf Angel. The Umlauf Angel was commissioned by the Cemetery Board in 1958 and was sculpted by international sculptor, Charles Umlauf. The Angel is the only full-size casting of an angel that Umlauf ever made. It is eleven feet in height and stands on a granite pedestal four feet tall. It is made of a concrete composite commonly known as cast stone. There is a myth that if you visit the Lubbock Cemetery near Hell’s Gate you must “Kiss the Angels feet at night or you won’t come out alive!”

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