Demons & Possession – By Josh!

A thing of great evil that has never walked the world or the earth a human being. Servants and soldiers of the devil…the nameless one, enemies of angels, they are the bringers of death.

For thousands of years there has been text and stories of demons and demonic possession. Even the bible recalls encounters and battles with them.

Of course, years ago there were more cases of demonic possession due to unrecognized mental illness but some cases are unexplained. Some people showing traits of possession in their 30’s with no history of mental illness have more chance of being linked to demonic possession.

Schizophrenia is a common form of illness mistaken for possession. But there is no way in all cases that I’ve read or studied that each victim had that illness.

Some cases show the victim has involved in worship or other activities of summoning that brings forth a demon EG. Ouija Board, Satanic practises, black magic or necromancy.
The idea of the Ouija board is to call a spirit forth maybe a loved one to answer questions, though what you call forth is not your loved one but a thing of pure evil… a demon and it’s very hard to get rid of it/them.
The movie ”The Exorcist” is based on true events tho the girl was actually a boy who is believed to still be alive to this day.
All that was shown was recorded to be true events…possibly with some Hollywood edits…the set was also meant to of been blessed as activity was said to of happened. Another movie showing quite well the things that can happen in demonic infestation is the movie Paranormal Activity.

Summoning anything even if intentions are good will only lead to bad things

There are many different types of demons linked to different things for example:


These are the three deadly sins each with its own demon
If you’ve heard of dantes inferno you’ll be know of the circles of Hell:

1 limbo
2 lust
3 gluttony
4 greed
5 wrath
6 heresy
7 violence
8 fraud
9 treachery

Each circle is reserved for sinners of each circles type

In the 9th circle of hell there is meant to be the devil, frozen in ice with three heads showing, in each mouth is reserved for the worst sinner, in the middle heads mouth is Judas Iscariot as he betrayed Christ.

“The deepest circle is reserved for betrayers and Mutineers”


There are a few well know demons who to say their names can be dangerous ands it draws their attention to you:


Another famous demon is Legion, Jesus comes upon a man tormented by demons Jesus asks who it is to which the demon replies
I am legion for I am many.

Legion is six demons in one, Azezzul, Beelzebub, Baal, Leviathan, Satan and Lucifer

People wonder about the 3am part of demon movies, it is believed at 3 pm Christ died on the cross so as to mock God demons are most powerful at 3am the anti Christ hour thus giving them power.

This but a small part of the enormous writings on demons I have recorded. I hope this has been helpful.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

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