The Blood Suckers Of Malawi!

A strange hysteria has gripped a pair of communities in Malawi as residents are terrified that they will fall victim to enigmatic entities described as ‘blood suckers.’

Over the last few weeks, stories have spread throughout the two villages that mysterious beings were attacking people at night and taking their blood.

Known locally as ‘anamapopa,’ these fearsome forces are described as using both magical powers as well as modern technology to attack their victims.

Their bizarre methodology is said to involve somehow disabling their target using an electrical charge or chemical substance, removing their blood via an unidentified instrument, and then vanishing in the form of a cat or dog.

While such an intruder may sound wholly unbelievable to some people, the ‘blood suckers’ are apparently all too real to the residents of the terrified communities in which the tale has taken hold thanks to incidents in which unfortunate individuals say they have run afoul of the entities.

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