Blood Letting On Ghost Hunters International!

GHI Bloodletting:

On a recent episode of Ghost hunters International, the team went to Belize to investigate ancient Mayan ruins and the sacrificed spirits that might still reside there. Cahal Pech was known for ancient rituals that included violent blood letting and human sacrifice, so it’s no surprise that the team tried to contact the spirits by performing the same rituals. Probably not to the same extent but a couple of drops of blood and some burning incense is not that big of a deal right? right?

Well, seasoned investigator Kris Williams seems to think otherwise. The team needed a volunteer for the blood letting and after Kris refused, fellow female investigator, Susan Slaughter, volunteered. Throughout the episode, Williams made several comments about how creepy the blood letting was, asking the rest of the members what they think of it. She was clearly annoyed by the whole thing.

On the night the episode aired, she began tweeting things like “F*%&ing stupid” and “Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching. #notcool #dangerous and #stupid” as well as re-tweeting comments from followers “@KrisWilliams81 I can’t believe this…. She [Susan Slaughter] is really stupid….. And begging for attention…. This just makes me “dislike ” her more…..” and “Are you f*%&ing kidding me right now? Come on GHI. You guys need to listen to @KrisWilliams81. Blood letting is super bad mojo. Not cool.”

Even Ghost Hunters leader, Jason Hawes, joined the commentators, “I Agree with u Kris. We would have never. RT @KrisWilliams81: Investigators should also take in consideration the kids at home watching. I spoke against it when other show did the same. People need to think about kids who may watch& try what they see. I’m with @KrisWilliams81?.

So listen, I get that cutting yourself on national television is probably not a good idea, teens who are into ghosts might want to emulate the popular kids and cut themselves in the woods looking for ghosts. But all this crap about this being a family show and that kids are watching it… WHY are kids watching this show? It’s a school night, kids should be in bed and not watching shows about ghosts!

Maybe all of this should have been discussed before airing… clearly they got there with the intention of doing the ritual, they didn’t just decide to do it on the spot. So maybe Kris Williams should have spoken out before hand. I don’t know how these things work bu I’m just saying. Again, not saying that the ritual was a good idea, just saying that people need to get the H over it and not blame Susan for volunteering, she was just doing her job.


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