Bizarre 2 Legged Brazilian Creature Caught On Video!

A truly bizarre video, showing a strange, two-legged creature running fast, was caught on camera by some boys playing soccer at night in the streets of Brazil. The weird video, uploaded to YouTube on Nov. 7, doesn’t look staged, and the creature, whatever it was, got away before the group of boys could get a closer look at it. Which may have been just as well, as one boy in the video picked up a rock and was ready to heave it at the fleeing apparition, apparently running for its life.

A strange, two-legged creature was caught on video in Brazil. What is it?
Weird Aliens Ovni @YouTube
The video, only 30 seconds long, seems to be a clip from a longer video of boys filming their game of soccer in a quiet, unidentified Brazilian street, lit only by streetlights. In the sequence shown, the ball gets away and rolls across an intersection before coming to rest against a tree on the other side. As the boys go to retrieve the ball, suddenly a two-legged creature, running very fast and no more than two-feet tall, streaks into the camera frame like a blur.

At first, it seems the “alien” (as it’s described by the video maker) is just another boy chasing the ball. But, it immediately becomes clear this thing, whatever it is, is trying to run away. The boys chase after it, one even stopping to reach for a heavy rock, before it disappears in the darkness beyond the streetlamps. If it is just another child, it’s the fastest kid in the world, and, at only two feet tall. That should rule out a toddler.

The boys in the video look terrified and shocked and, what sounds like an adult, shouting in Spanish, seems to be warning the boys to stay away. The chillingly strange incident takes no more than 10 seconds to play out, and, at first it’s hard to see what is causing all the commotion. But, after several viewings of the sequence, and by looking at the screen grab attached here, it’s obvious this creature, whatever it is, will need some further explaining.

To be sure, the video quality is not very high, and the illumination is poor. But, what can be seen leaves little doubt that something bizarre has occurred and, if the boys in this video are acting, it’s an Oscar-worthy performance. If it is a hoax, it’s an extremely well executed one, and probably beyond the ability of a bunch of kids just having fun with a video camera in the street.

Of course, hoaxes are nothing new. Perhaps the greatest hoax story ever, the Loch Ness Monster, is going through its latest evolution, with yet another man claiming to have photographed the legendary sea monster. But, if this bizarre video is fake, then it’s worthy of joining the pantheon of even that greatest prank of all time.


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