Bigfoot Sighting In The Hockomock Swamp Area – Bridgewater, Massachusetts!

As a reader of this website, you’ll know that we at Paranormal Encounters take a wide interest on all things, unusual, unexplained, ghostly and mysterious.

Today I received an email describing the finding of an extra large footprint in the snow, showing the outline of  toes on a distinctly oversized foot. This area is well known for Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings as well as other paranormal activity. The email came with 5 images attached, 3 showing the general area of the discovery, the 4th of the actual site where the print was found, and the fifth image of the footprint itself.

Below you’ll find the note and images sent to me by Jonathon Fox, the man who came across this possible (in fact quite likely) Bigfoot print. He seems convinced that the footprint is 100% genuine. Please read his explanation and examine his photos closely.

I’ll leave you all to make up your own minds…

Email from Jonathon Fox – 11 March, 2014:

Hi my name is Jonathan Fox, 29 and I live in Bridgewater, Ma. Close to the Hockomock swamp. Which is said to have a lot of supernatural occurrences. The other day I was out with my two nephews in the back woods of my complex, on a little trail along a river that runs around the huge complex I live in. It is in the vicinity of the swamp. I then came along some footprints in the snow along the river. Which one distinctively stuck out to me. It was really big. About twice the size of a normal foot. And It appears to have toes imprinted in it as well. It looked an awfully lot like a Sasquatch footprint. But of course I questioned myself because these sort of things don’t just happen to anybody. especially me. Somebody who is into the paranormal and cryptozoology. But it looks legit. It didn’t appear that anybody had tampered with it or hoaxed it. Plus the other foot prints around were ours and of other animals.I think this is a hundred percent legit. There have been sightings around this area in the past and where I live is the epicenter of the so called Bridgewater Triangle, a hotbed for paranormal activity. So do I think there could be an undiscovered, undetected 6-8 foot hairy beast roaming the woods and swamps in this area…..? yes I do. And here is proof!

Picture 1 – Hockomock swamp.


Picture 2 – Hockomock swamp.


Picture 3 – Hockomock swamp.


Picture 4 – Actual site of discovery.


Picture 5 – The footprint, with human foot for comparison.


Jonathon seems most convinced that this is an actual Sasquatch footprint. In both his original email to me and subsequent emails he seems to me to be completely genuine, both with his unexpected discovery and his eagerness to share this most exciting find.

Is there a strange beast roaming The Hockomock Swamp? I would very much like to think so.

Credit: Images and original text – Jonathon Fox 2014.

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