Best Evidence: A Haunting In Carolina!

From the original poster:

Evidence of paranormal activity in North Carolina at my mother’s former home. EVPs, VPs, object manipulation, and spirit orbs. This is not a hoax. Everything you see is real. Please comment, like and share.


I am not a professional ghost hunter, film student or special effects professional.

This was the first time that anything like this ever happened to me in my life, and I haven’t experienced anything else since. Please refrain from telling me that I should have left the camera stationary, or that the quality is bad, etc. I know all of this by now, and I was simply lucky enough to have even a -cheap, crappy- camera to capture this stuff. I was just doing things that I saw on TV that made some sort of sense given the situation.

Since this is a documentation of real events that happened to me and my family, I don’t have patience for internet trolls who have nothing better to do than try to call BS without any sort of constructive opinions in the comments. If you want to claim this is fake, back it up and I’ll answer your questions. If you’re just angry at life or mad that your house isn’t haunted, I’ll delete your comment.

My mother no longer lives at the house, and nothing has happened to her since she left.

I am aware that TVs have sleep timers so please refrain from informing me, as I have already debunked this is being a sleep timer/remote control issue.

NO ONE WAS HIDING IN THE HOUSE!!!! The place is old and creaky as all hell, and I have already shown this in the video. It’s impossible to sneak around the place. The house was either haunted by a ghost, or a very bored ninja. I’ll let you decide.

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