Berlin’s Most Haunted Locations!

1. Berliner Unterwelten
They snake their way every which way deep beneath the city: the bunkers, shafts, and tunnels of Berlin’s underworld. The underground structures tell the stories of various periods in the past and reveal the plans of megalomaniacs and fascinating transport systems. You can sign up for a tour year-round. Different tours have different focuses, such as bomb and air-raid shelters, the Cold War, or nuclear fallout shelters. No matter which tour you choose, it’s always a trip back into the past.

2. Medical History Museum
The history of medicine is both adventurous and sometimes scary, so a visit to the Museum of Medical History is not for the faint-hearted. The display cases show collections of organs, body parts, skeletons, and rare diseases. The history of Berlin’s Charité hospital is also told together with medical tools and procedures from the past. Then you can opt to lie down on an operating table from 1727 and see what happens.

3. Berlin Dungeon
Blood-curdling experiences are what you can expect at Berlin Dungeon, where visitors are taken back through 700 years’ of Berlin’s dark history. Things get creepy when actors tell true stories to help make the dark side of Berlin with its sometimes grisly past come alive. For example, if you dare to enter the labyrinth of the lost, or explore the torture chamber, or decide to risk the deadly plague. This and much more awaits visitors to Berlin’s horror spectacle which not only has exciting stories to tell, but can also let your blood run cold. Of course spooky highlights of the year, such as Halloween, are also celebrated at the Dungeon.

4. Graues Kloster
The old ruins of the Gothic Franciscan monastery on Klosterstraße are supposedly haunted by Friar Roderich. The limping monk loved to pick fights and out of sheer malice walled up his own son in the monastery walls, a crime for which he was cruelly punished. The ancient walls of the former Franciscan monastery are particularly scary when you know that there’s a lost soul there caught by his past sins.

5. Körperwelten
Some find these “Body Worlds” distasteful and unethical, while others think they’re interesting and enlightening. Then there are those who think it’s just frightening and scary. However you look at it, the fact is that you can immerse yourself directly into Gunther von Hagen’s famous exhibit located right under the TV Tower, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of busy Alexanderplatz. Just be prepared to become a bit uncomfortable.

6. Naturkundemuseum
The Museum of Natural History is primarily exciting and informative for young and old But there is a department that can give you the creeps. Head to the research collection to see endless rows of jars filled with millions of mysterious objects such as amphibians or reptiles preserved in alcohol. But there are even creepier sights to behold by signing up for the one of the nightly torchlight (flashlight) tours through the museum. When all is dark, the preserved specimens come back to life as visitors check out behind-the-scenes areas at the museum. Guaranteed to freak out more than just the kids, I promise!

7. Berlin Story Bunker
Below ground level we already have the tendency to get scared – but what can we expect facing an underground chamber of horror? Probably a lot of scary moments and a lot of screaming. On three levels and 700 square metres you can explore the haunted horror chamber, wandering around graveyards, skulls and bewitched trees. And no matter where you go, be sure that ghosts and creepy figures will already be waiting for you. The chamber of horror is part of the Berlin Story Bunker, an historic air raid shelter, which is also home of the spooky Figurenkabinett , highlighting subjects as medicine and torture. So once again we have to warn you: This is nothing for weak nerves!

8. Tatort Tour
Everybody’s familiar with the police procedural on TV where storytelling and crime come together in very real places. An example of this would be the German series “Tatort”. Berlin is one of the cities featured in the show and you can visit many of the locations featured on the show. But there’s a lot of real-world situations to be seen, too, that not only inspire, but sometimes go far beyond what you see on TV. To get a look behind the real scenes shown on German TV, you can sign up here.

9. Monsterkabinett
The Monsterkabinett is home to bizarre and gruesome creatures made of recycled materials and bearing names like Little Three Eye or Orangina. The monster family is one artist Hannes Heiner’s installations and is located at Hackesche Höfe. Before heading down into the monster cave, you will first have to cross the rear courtyard bedecked with street art (which is worth checking out on in its own right). And, as a nice change of pace, these monsters are actually sometimes kid-friendly and only just a little creepy. To be sure about that you can always check out the website of the Monsterkabinett before visiting it with your children.

10. A bit of CSI and an excursion to the morgue
You probably shudder as you watch sinister crimes involving corpses on TV and hope that the detectives find the perpetrator. Let’s face it a city with a history like Berlin’s has its share of such crime stories to tell. Take a video bus tour that help bring past crime scenes to life and, as a special highlight, tour Berlin’s former morgue. Believe it or not, this was open as a tourist attraction until 1925 where people would come in to check out the unidentified corpses. As you can imagine, the building still exudes an eerie fascination.

11. Zombie Laser Tag
There’s plenty of action to be hand in this underground game of laser tag where teams battle it out in a former bunker. And sometimes against zombies. Armed with an infrared tagger, there are also tricky problems to capture, such as stealing the antiserum in SECTOR 9. This all happens under walls a metre thick and without daylight. A tip: this horror experience is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced! To everyone else: good luck! You’re going to need it!


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