Annabelle the Doll: The Origins | Documentary!

Made famous by Ed and Lorraine Warren, who first discovered the possessed doll, the allegedly true story of Annabelle has inspired a book, and two of the films from The Conjuring film franchise. On the silver screen Annabelle is an prized antique doll that plagues the living with death and despair. Yet, the real Annabelle looks far less menacing. She is in fact a Raggedy Ann doll, one of many that has been mass-produced. In this particular doll, however, it has been said, that a dark demon lies – an inhuman demonic entity which possesses the desire to inflict pain. But is the story of Annabelle real? And can the Warrens be trusted?


This account of the origin of Annabelle the doll relies heavily on the work of Gerald Brittle, the author of the 1980 book “The Demonologist”, in which the career of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren was documented using the Warren’s own case files and exclusive interviews with the author. In its aftermath, it appears that the names associated with the Annabelle the doll case were changed or confused. Thus, in the interest of accuracy, we will be using what are claimed to be the real names of those involved, as used by Brittle in the 2013 edition of his book.

For clarification, Deidre Bernard is popularly referred to as “Donna” or “Debbie”, Lara Clifton as “Angie”, and Cal Randell as “Lou”.

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