An Exorcism In Romania!

Fog has fallen on the plains. Between them runs an empty road, recently mended at its centre, where a black line of fresh tar winds into the distance. The dark earth of the flat fields is churned for the planting season, and retreats into the horizon of mist. As our car moves through the farmland, crows take to the air, glide in the breeze, return to the field, and strut across the ground, searching for more seeds to thieve.

We pass v-shaped irrigation channels, their concrete sidings thick with weeds, and strewn with yoghurt tubs, tissues and crushed cans and plastic bottles of beer.

Turning off this country road in Dolj county, southwest Romania, onto a dirt track, we enter an expanse of pasture. Straying in and out of the fog are sheep, heavy with winter fleece, and patrolled by thin black dogs. We drive alongside an empty concrete tower to a sheepfold with a green tarpaulin roof, overlaid with branches. In front is a wooden shack, piled with stacks of hay, where a filthy white sheepdog sleeps with a loose chain around its neck.

At the back of the hut, hens wander free from their enclosure. A pair of black puppies, dusty from the dirt, snap at each other in a play-fight. A cock swaggers near a rusted chicken wire fence, and a brood of chicks float on water inside a used tyre.

Here 63 year-old shepherd Mircea Mitrica sits on a wooden bench, in a thick woollen cap and worn zip-up fleece jersey. His voice is stilted, and his memory is sometimes confused, but his conviction remains fierce, as he tells us why he cut out the heart of his neighbour’s corpse.

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