ABCs – Alien Big Cats!

Alien Big Cats (ABC’s) also know as Phantom cat are large felines such as Lions, Tigers, Panthers and other species of Big cats which appear in regions outside their indigenous range (e.g. a Lions living in wildly in England).

Mainstream science and Governments tend to reject these cryptids exist due to lack of food and breeding population.

For more information on Big Cats:

ABC’s have been found in Britain, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Eastern United States, Hawaii, and


They can survive in all most any climate as long as can hunt and eat native animals.

What to do if you come across an ABC
While chances are low you will come across a ABC it is good to know what to do DO NOT attempt to go near it, remember it’s a wild animal no different to meeting a lion on a African grassland.

DO NOT RUN away it may chase you just back away slowly always keeping your eyes on it. Call your local animal control and/or the police and report it ASAP when you a safe distance away.

ABC’s around the world:

Great Britain
Britain seems to have the most ABC’s sightings having hundreds of sightings yearly since the mid 1700′s. In 1988, the Ministry of Agriculture took the unusual step of sending in Royal Marines to hunt ABC’s after an increase in the number of mysteriously killed livestock, and subsequent loss of money by farmer. Several Marines claimed to have seen the cat fleetingly but none were killed.

In 2003-2004 the British Big Cats Society recorded 2052 sightings in the UK.

A famous British ABC’s is the Beast of Exmoor.

Australia, (My home country), has the second most reported ABC’s sightings, the earliest sightings being over a 100 years ago. Many cougars have been sighted in Western Australia since 1979, and in 1981 a $20,000 reward was offered for the capture of a cougar in Western Australia, dead or alive. The reward has never been claimed so far. ABC’s tend to live in mountain ranges and hinterlands (Blue Mountains and Gippslands) and a large colony are known to live just outside of the western suburbs of Sydney.

I myself have seen one (a large black cat about 2 meters long) around my hometown of Kendall (390km (242mi) north of Sydney) but sadly he was shy, often running away – I haven’t seen him since 2009.

Famous Aussie ABC’s are:
Gippsland phantom cat
Blue Mountains Big cats

United States has the many confirmed ABC’s living in remote parts of just about most states most notable in the Southern States

In California, Phantom black “panthers” have been reported across the state more so in the north of the state. There is a lot of misidentifying of native cats in Mississippi and Florida often making ABC’s sightings false and unreliable in these areas.

Hikers in northern Delaware forests have to be careful as a pride of African Lions are known to live there numbering about 15 according to reports and there have been unsuccessful attempts to remove them.

Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have had a few ABC sightings in the last 10 years but after police investigation it has been found that the ABCs were unusually large house cats.


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