A Haunting – Season 5!

Between the world we see, and the things we fear… there are doors. When they are opened… nightmares becomes reality. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable. These chilling tales of the supernatural take you inside real-life horror stories, with each one-hour episode featuring eyewitness accounts and cinematic re-enactments of some of the most spine tingling and inexplicable stories ever recorded. You’ll meet Chris Gibbons, a Michigan attorney driven to the point of insanity by a ghost that has infiltrated his dreams; a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys taking walks with her children through her historic neighborhood, until something dark and sinister follows them home; and Victoria Dane, whose near death experience opens a door to a paranormal world that can never be shut.


Episode by shocking episode, you will be stunned and astonished by these spellbinding tales of evil lurking in the most everyday places. By the end of each amazing story, you will experience an eerie feeling that life and death are stranger and more terrifying than you had ever imagined.

Customer Reviews:

Thank you Discovery/Destination America for hearing my request to put Season 5 of my one of my favorite paranormal shows “A Haunting” on DVD. This was for all those who can’t get that particular TV channel (such as myself). And thank you Amazon for letting me purchase it here. Now let’s get down to it. Season 5 in a nutshell was very good IMO. I actually liked the updates to the show. It made the show fresh and current. You can’t be on ice for 5 years and come back like when it debuted. And the stories were still interesting for the most part. And I was glad Anthony (AKA Tony) Call is still the narrator. It just wouldn’t be A Haunting without him. I admit, I found some of the new special effects (IE: the hand crawling up the sheet on the bed) a little cheesy and non-believable but aside from that, the show still had the elements that I liked about it in the first place. I see a lot of reviewers mention the show being less scary. A Haunting isn’t really about being scary. It’s not a horror movie. It’s a show about real people who’ve had or encountered paranormal experiences. So I wasn’t expecting it to be like the movie Saw or Paranormal Activity. However, I notice the suspense element was a bit more subdued this season. The build up of the stories weren’t as intense and suspenseful.Other than that, I felt season 5 over all was a good comeback. I hope they can make a season 6.

I have the first 4 seasons of this show in a box-set and I really like it. We cancelled tv, so I didn’t know there was a fifth season! As soon as I found out I purchased immediately. The 5th season had a different feel to it than the other seasons in the way that it was filmed. It took a few episodes for me to get used to the new ‘feel’ at first. It wasn’t as dark or suspenseful as the other seasons. The build-up to the haunting’s was faster and seemed rushed. A few of the episodes did scare the heck out of me though. Overall I would recommend this season. It can stand alone or be integrated to your collection.Season 5 isn’t disappointing at all.

If you enjoyed seasons 1 through 4, chances are you will love season 5. It’s still scary as hell; had a hard time falling asleep at night even with the lights on. Staying true to the formula which has made the previous seasons such a success, Season 5 is without any surprise centered around ghosts, demonic possessions, exorcisms, and things that go bump in the night. The performances and re-enactments are top-notch. I felt bad when I was on the 10th episode because I didnt want it to end. Here’s hoping Season 6 will arrive soon to DVDs!


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