5 Haunting Supernatural Clips!

The word “supernatural” was first used around 1520-30 AD. In the general scheme of things, people tend to associate the word with paranormal, religions and occultism. People tend to relate any occurrence which does not follow the law of physics or more figuratively, the existence of which is above and beyond nature.

As fast as science is developing, it is shocking to see that there are large numbers of individuals who believe in “supernatural”. The reason for that might be beyond anyone’s comprehension. It might be simply due to the fact that some might actually have first-hand experience of things which can’t be explained through science or some might just be addicted to the adrenaline rush the thought gives!

There are many movies which have taken accounts based on real-life experiences. Although, one of the main reason might be to grab lot of audience at box office, but no one can deny that all those stories are totally false! As an engineer, I still can’t explain why in my friend’s house I felt as if there is some presence other than us and why my irrational fear did not let me go beyond the living room. So friends, to say that matters which are not seen or can’t be explained as fake is short-sighted!

Here are some of the clips of supernatural which would make your hair stand on end!

Source: www.voniz.com/varticles/scariest-and-most-realistic-supernatural-clips-top-5/

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