5 Haunted Places In Paris!

Paris is the city of love but for others Paris is a city of dark twisted things, and that’s why it’s haunted. So here are five places that are supposedly haunted in Paris.

1. Parc Montsouris
This public park is known for the headless ghost of Isaure de Montsouris (he was murdered in 831 by bandits) and the park was also used for testing for the guillotine. So don’t be surprised if you see any headless ghosts roaming around the Parc Monstsouris.

2. Pont Marie Bridge
There is a story of a French woman during World War II who she would wait for her husband in order to give him information on the Germans, well one night he never showed and she died from the cold. You can still see her ghost by the bridge and hear her sobbing.

3. Louvre Museum
The most famous art museum is haunted at the base of the original dungeon built in the 13th Century. When people would take photos, they would see orbs and shadows in their pictures. It’s probably haunted in other places too.

4. Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise
It’s not too surprising that a cemetery would be haunted especially such a very famous cemetery, Edith Pilaf and Oscar Wilde are just a few names that were buried there. A famous ghost that most have seen is the composer, Chopin.

5. Jardin du Tuileries
If you’re strolling through the Jardin du Tuileries, you’ll probably see the man in red (Jean l’Ecorcheur). He was connected to Catharine de Medici, see she was very interested in the occult and he was the man that connected her with the occult world. After she grew tired of him, she had him killed and his final words were supposedly, “I Shall Return!” Some say he has returned and when you see him he’s covered in blood!

Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/five-haunted-places-paris

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