5 Eerie Tales Of Haunted Mountains!

Scary true stories, myths, and legends of 5 haunted mountains, including the Spearfinger witch of Appalachia’s Great Smoky Mountains, the eerie footsteps of The Big Gray Man on Scotland’s Ben Macdui in the Scottish Highlands, the ghost voices of mountain climbers on K2 and Kanchenjunga in the Himalaya Mountains in the Himalayas, the legend of Australia’s Black Mountain, and the allegedly true ghost story of the ghosts that haunt Mount Everest.

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Co-founder & lead investigator of Paranormal Encounters. I've experienced the paranormal all my life, having encountered ghosts, angels and demons. I live in a haunted house and when not exploring and researching the unknown, I enjoy single malt Scotch whisky & potato chips (though not necessarily at the same time).