3 True Ghost Stories From The Middle East!

These TRUE Ghost Stories from the Middle East will have you cowering in fear of the Real Djinn and Real Demons that might be making your home a real haunted house. Darkness Prevails Presents these real horror stories of the middle east about real djinn or jinn, a real demon possession, a djinn sighting, a demon sighting, a real haunting and other true ghost stories of the paranormal and supernatural. Do ghosts exist? Are ghosts real? Well, this video of true scary stories might be all the evidence you need…

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Co-founder & lead investigator of Paranormal Encounters. I've experienced the paranormal all my life, having encountered ghosts, angels and demons. I live in a haunted house and when not exploring and researching the unknown, I enjoy single malt Scotch whisky & potato chips (though not necessarily at the same time).