15 Most Haunted Places In The World!

15 Most Haunted Places in the World. Learn some interesting and amazing facts about haunted places. From creepy abandoned hospitals to spooky old castles, we count the top 15 most haunted places on earth.

This top 15 list of the Most Haunted Places in the World includes:

Ancient Ram Inn, England
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
The Myrtles Plantation, USA
Gettysburg Battlefield, USA
The Queen Mary, USA
The Whaley House, USA
Chateau De Brissac, France
Raynham Hall, England
Mary King’s Close, Scotland
Castle of Good Hope, South Africa
Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, USA
Eastern State Penitentiary, USA
Chillingham Castle, England
Tower of London, England


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