10 Haunted Hollywood Locations!

Hollywood, the legendary place where dreams come true, is apparently a mecca for ghosts. Perhaps this is unsurprising given that it’s also the graveyard of ambition. It’s the city where stars shine bright but dreams are torn apart, and beneath the glitz and glamour lurks a seamier underworld of mystery and violence. Is it really so strange to imagine that movie idols and would-be stars are still desperately trying to avoid obscurity by getting the attention of the living from beyond the grave?

10. The Hollywood Sign
9. The Comedy Store
8. The Roosevelt Hotel
7. The Knickerbocker Hotel
6. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
5. Laurel Canyon Boulevard
4. The Chateau Marmont Hotel
3. Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon
2. The Cecil Hotel (Stay on Main)
1. The Pantages Theater

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