1 In 3 British Beleive Their Houses Maybe Haunted!

One in three British homes could be haunted, if you believe the spooked respondents to a new survey from the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service as part of its State of the Nation’s Homes series of reports.

The findings reveal that 32 per cent of British adults have noticed unexplained occurrences in their home that could be attributed to paranormal activity, such as unexplained noises, items moving or disappearing, or lights turning on or off by themselves.

One in eight (13 per cent) Brits have heard unexplained noises such as footsteps in their home, and 12 per cent report pets behaving strangely for no apparent reason. One in 10 (10 per cent) says they have experienced feelings of being watched, and 8 per cent have noticed a room suddenly become cold for no discernible reason. Six per cent report electrical appliances turning themselves off and on and three per cent report lights doing so.

14 per cent (equivalent to nearly 6.5 million people) say they have on occasion felt like there was a supernatural presence in their home with over a million people (2 per cent) going so far as to say they believe their home is haunted.

Other unexplained activity reported by respondents includes:

Newspaper pages turning over by themselves

A music box playing on the anniversary of the death of its owner – having not been wound up

People who were not present when a photo was taken appearing on the film negatives

Smells associated with deceased relatives e.g. perfume

Ghosts seen in their home

Tom Stringer, head of the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service said: “Millions of Britons have encountered strange goings-on in their home they couldn’t explain, and many of these people believe these activities had unearthly causes.

“While the claims of some respondents do seem particularly odd, we think the majority of them can be explained by simple home maintenance issues rather than ghouls and ghosts. A cheeky two per cent of Britons have found their partner’s belief in the paranormal useful though, and have deliberately blamed a home emergency or domestic disaster on a ghost or a poltergeist!”

Tom offers the following explanations and advice for common unexplained activity cited by respondents:

Unexplained noises such as footsteps or scratching sounds: Tom says: “Mice and other rodents can make a scratching sound in the wall cavities as well as the pitter patter of tiny feet, so this could be a pest problem.”

Lights switching off and on by themselves: Tom says: “This is most likely a faulty connection or old wiring, especially if you live in an old home that hasn’t had its wiring checked in a long time. It should really be checked every 10 years as faulty wiring can make your home more susceptible to electrical fires.”

Newspaper pages turning over by themselves: Tom says: “This is most likely a draft problem. If this is happening you should draft-proof your doors and windows.”

Paintings jumping off a wall: Tom says: “This may simply be vibrations from traffic outside the home. You need to make sure you use appropriate fixings for the weight of the painting or canvas and the type of wall.”

Smoke alarm going off for no reason: Tom says: “Keep your windows open while cooking and test the alarm with a new battery. All homes should have a smoke alarm but a surprising number of people don’t replace the batteries or take them out altogether, which could put you at serious risk in the event of a fire.”

On a regional basis, those from the West Midlands and Eastern regions are most likely to have encountered unexplained activities in their homes, each with 38 per cent residents claiming to have done so.

This is followed by the 35 per cent of those in Yorkshire and the Humber who have been spooked by spirits or other unexplainable goings-on.

Source: http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/Haunted-houses-spook-residents/story-17208932-detail/story.html

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